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Interethnic Dialogue

Paying much attention to activities within the community for the years of its work the Jewish Foundation strives to promote interethnic and interfaiths dialogue taking into account the importance of these issues in the multiethnic society.

logo foundThis program is under the leadership of Arkady Monastyrsky, Director of the Foundation.

The JFU is a member of the Association of the National and Cultural Communities of Ukraine /ANCCU/ which promote interethnic dialogue of different levels /social and state/ and of different forms /organization and holding the conferencesand seminars, round-table discussions/.

The Association tries to prevent the conflicts on the national basis and to solve the problems of representatives of different nationalities who live in Ukraine. ANCCU includes 97 organizations with representatives of 28 nationalities. The Foundation works closely with the Association working out and realizing different joint projects. The Association meetings are held in Kinor, Community Center of the JFU.

Apart from ANCCU the Foundation cooperates with the Federation of the Non-governmental Organizations and the World Council of Jews and Christians.

The plans of the JFU for 2013 contain realization of seminars on the tolerance, conferences and round-table discussions, publications on the themes of cooperation, mutual understanding and support, peaceful solution of interethnic problems.


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